Annual General Meeting – 11th November, 2018


Notes from the 2018 Annual General Meeting (at present these minutes are unendorsed)



Meeting opened at  10.05 am



                       Merv and Rae Edwards, Richard Philip, Bob Santilli, Lorelle Morrissey, Cath Cargnoni, Sharon Prichard



                           As per Attendance List.


Moved by Brett Gray and seconded by Gary Bryant that the previous minutes were a true and accurate recording.





That the correspondence be read and dealt with was moved by Greg Edwards and seconded by Josh King.





Letters and emails from Tweed Border Hockey:

  • Summer Hockey at Tweed Border on Mondays (U11s & U13s) and Wednesdays U15s & Seniors beginning at 6 pm starting on the 22nd October. Flier emailed to all members of the Club
  • Turf Invoices for Most of the year plus registration fees invoice any over payment will carry onto next year, missed Senior and Junior trainings to week 7 and Junior games for weeks 10, 11, 12 and 13
  • Minutes from the August Competition Delegates Meeting along with Agenda for the September Meeting with discussion points
  • Email from Kath Dooley to say she isn’t standing for Secretary next year
  • Information on the Modern Management system envisaged by Queensland Hockey
  • Result of an incident in the U17B Grand final

Account Balance from Origin Electricity

Figures to Date from Cudgen Leagues Club Raffles

Invoices and Receipts from Jazera’s  Party & Event Shop supplying Decorations for the Junior and Senior Presentations ($98 for Junior Presentation and$160 for the Senior Presentation), Cliffhangers Entertainment ($250 for the Jukebox hire at the Senior Presentation), Power Sports ($933.35 for the Junior and $410 55 for the Senior Trophies), Tweed Daily News ($108.77 for advertising the Club’s AGM), McCulloch Catering Pty Ltd ($3300)  All these have been paid, invoice for Thursday’s Meat for September 6/9 to October 11/10

Email from Andrew Holman about a skype on Majestrie

Emails from those that can’t attend this meeting

Sports newsletters from NSW Office of Sport for October and November 2018

Email from Rebel sports on Community Kickbacks, they will be opening till 7.30 pm on Thursday’s to help clubs get gear.



Letter and emails to Tweed Border:

  • Email asking for payment concessions for games the Water Cannons weren’t in use
  • Emails to Tweed Border re with final payments for Registration and Turf Fees for the Club
  • Email telling Tweed Border this club is remaining an Incorporated club at least until this clubs AGM at which time it will be voted on
  • Email requesting a delegates style meeting to discuss the Modern Management proposal along with a reply to have this meeting next Wednesday at 6 pm

Receipt to Greg Edwards and Cheryl French ($150)and Barry Cox ($50).

Emails sent to members

Notification of Kingscliff’s Annual General Meeting.

Invoices sent to players owing fees


Treasurer’s Report

POWER $865.00
BUTCHER for Thursday Raffles $14,008.00
ADVERTISING (for AGM) $108.77
FAIR TRADING (for alterations to KHC Constitution) $95.00
CLOTHING (Playing Shirts, skirts & shorts, Dress shirts) $14,365.67  $    3,300.00
TURF FEE REFUND (for 2017) $3,624.00 $296.00
HOME GAMES ie Home games, Social Day, Nostalgia Day $2,392.50
LIGHTS $2,800.00
JUNIOR DISCO (Catering and MC) $750.00
PRESENTATIONS -JNR $1,600.00 $840.30
                                 – SNR (Catering & Drinks) $2,300.00 $1,651.05
DEBITS GRAND TOTAL $93,842.85 $9,738.85
RAFFLES Cudgen Leagues Club $5,805.00 $18,531.45
Chinderah Tavern $7,187.57
VOUCHERS $6,490.00
BUNNINGS BBQ $1,005.00
HOME GAMES ie Home games, Social Day, Nostalgia Day $3,343.40
PATRONS & SPONSORS $10,300.00  $        500.00
SALES -CLOTHING $705.00  $        874.17
              – SOCKS $635.00
JNR DISCO $275.00
CREDITS GRAND TOTAL $79,008.81 $12,461.14
Summerland Credit S-30 A/C
Balance as at 31/10/17  $   40,764.29  S30 General
Balance as at 31/10/17  $     9,063.48  S30 Social C
TOTAL IN 2017 $49,827.77   S30 Total
Add Credits $79,008.81  S30 General
$91,469.95 $12,461.14  S30 Social C
Less Debits $93,842.85  S30 General
$103,581.70 $9,738.85  S30 Social C
Balance as in 31/10/18 $25,930.25  S30 General
Balance as in 31/10/18 $11,785.77  S30 Social C
$37,716.02 $37,716.02  S30 Total



That’s the Treasurer’s Report for 2018 that it be accepted was moved by Brett Gray and seconded by  Ross Salmon.                     .












Presidents Report


Well what a year, 2018 done and dusted.


This year saw our numbers up which was great for the club, especially in the seniors, Junior were steady and this year our Minkey and Modified out-numbered others clubs. We fielded 2 teams in each grade in the juniors except U17Bs. This year we had 8 boys in the U11s which gave us a team Snappers with girls filling in. It’s no surprise all clubs struggling with boys not playing our game. Which as a club and association we need to address this issue.


U11 Pippies – Just missed the semi-finals this year. I had the privilege of seeing these young girls play each week where they improved. Thanks to Simon for all his tireless work.


U11 Snappers – These boys showed a lot of heart. Half the team hadn’t played hockey before and by all reports enjoyed their season. We welcomed Dave to the Club where we wrangled him into coaching the boys. Thanks Dave


U13G Queenfish – These girls were the younger team, Coached by Tracey. They started off shaky but by the end of the season they were combining well. I watched them on our Nostalgia day and they played the game of the season it was pretty to watch. For a young side straight out of U11s it’s a big step and the girls excelled. Well done Tracey and Manageress Bree. Mikaela was association player of the year, well done.


U13G Mermaids – These girls are coached by Erica and had an enjoyable season making the semis but going down 1-0. Most of this team will step up to 6Gs next year. Thanks to Erica and congratulations to Kendall Wells for making the Qld 13s. Hope to see you all next season


U16G Stingrays – Our baby side, these girls came straight from the 13s last year and held their own. We had some new blood and mates in this team with Charlotte, Aeryn and Ivy joining our club. We also managed to talk Troy to coach these girls to a minor premiership. They were pipped in the GF. Well done girls new and old hope you enjoyed your season. Thank-you to Troy and Rosemarie, Also congratulations to Jayde Schultz on her U16 Qld selection.


U16G Dolphins – Premiers, it was an all Kingscliff clash in the GF, On the day Kingscliff was the winner with both teams playing well which is a credit to both teams and coaches. Big thanks go to Dane and Nikki for their tireless time in coaching and mentoring these young ladies, some of whom have played their last junior game. Well done to Jasmin Morrissey on rep honours for QLD.


U17B Vikings – The boys had a steady season making the finals. Most weeks it was a who’s who playing in the opposition. But the boys battled on especially in the beginning where they couldn’t get on the park to play with byes, forfeits and long weekends. Thanks to Kelvin for coaching and Singy. Sad factor for next season we mightn’t have an U17B team with the majority of the boys too old but let’s try and do something about that.


U9 Seahorses – Thank-you to Patty for the season and all the recruitment you’ve done this year. Hope to see you all back next year.


U9 Swordfish – Thanks to Ryan for your time with the kids. Hope they all enjoyed their season.


U7 Angelfish – This was probably the best coached side in our club. We had Izzy and Tiarny, Nathan and Andy on the side lines. These kids had a ball and lots of lollies as well. Thanks ladies for the season.


This year we gave juniors and coaches a hat which was purchased through sponsorship, a big thanks to Tweed bowls club and Kingscliff Social Club.

I don’t know if I’m biased (probably) but how good did teams look each week in their club shirts and hats, walking around the grounds. You could see the Kingscliff Colours.


We had an Annual Disco which was very received. Hiring the dude to do everything was genius thanks Greg. Kids had plenty of food and lollies, cake and danced, played games and had a really good time. I’m the official bag lady, every time the kids see me with a bag they think I have lollies in it. Hehe


The Junior Presentation was also a great success we tried something different by having over at the Leagues Club and by all reports it was a great success. We still have some people who like the Jumping Castle etc. But we can look at this the end of the season.


Congratulations to all trophy winners on the night.


Thank-you to players, coaches, managers and a big thanks to the parents who get their kids to games and training each week.


This year was very special to the club, we actually had our 4 Australian Rep players all playing, Nathan, Jason, Gabi and of course Lorelle. Not bad for our little club.


No surprises with Nathan taking the coaching position with our men’s numbers going up. We fielded a men’s team in every division which is a first for some time. The women’s teams were the same as previous years which is a good thing. We struggled to change in D3W for numbers there for a while, but with comebacks and filling for each other, we managed to field 2 teams.


All teams represented our club with good sportsmanship, only a couple of unsavoury incidents, which I hope we have learnt from. Special mention to all teams who made the finals which was most teams.


We managed to bring home the D1M competition on the Gold Coast which was probably one of the most nerve racking games I have ever watched. Wel done Nathan and Brett on a great season. PS. They also beat Waratahs in the Tweed Border GF. I hope you are coming back next year to defend your premiership and go back to back.


Barracudas also won the Tweed Border GF and were runners up at the Gold Coast. Well done Josh on managing the boys and to Dane on scoring 30+goals. You had a great season.


Congrats to Greg on how far Crabs have come this year, minor premiers, pipped at the post GF day. Welcome to Lisa I hope you enjoyed your first season with this special club. Hope all had a great season.


Sharkies were also minor premiers and were also beaten on GF day. Credit to Morro who has got this team to the GF 2 years running, Third times a charm. Well done ladies.I wish Cath all the best, she will be surly missed.


With Sinkers no more we saw a new era come along in the Pelicans, looked after by Tracey and Bree. This young and a few not so young made the finals only to be knocked out in the final and were unlucky not to make the GF. Well done girls on a great season.


Piranhas, what a great bunch of ladies although they didn’t make the finals they rocked up every week to have a hit and enjoy each other’s company. Even made someone make a comeback, hey Tez. Well done Sienna with your most Potential award. C ya next year ladies.


Gropers had a good season and had Waratahs that worried that they had to go and stack their team. Welcome back to Tom. The boys were unlucky not to play in the GF with our other boyz playing at the same time up the coast. Also special mention to Craig Peate who is the oldest and longest serving player in the club. Thank you to Gary for running the boys and well done to Jimbo on his most potential award.


Congrats to all rep players Kyle, Jaz, Jayde and Slock.


I feel our club is moving forward as a group and players, managers and supporters all looking very professional. This year we gave every player playing seniors a dress shirt, which looked fantastic around the grounds.


This wouldn’t happen without sponsors: Mate & Matthew, Desire, Cudgen Leagues, Chinderah Tavern, Solo, DND Glass, Tweed Coast Concrete Pumping, Future Life, Chris Fahy Tree Services and Kingy Social Club.


Thanks to everyone that did the raffles at Chinderah, just a reminder all proceeds go back to you guys the members. Also Thursday raffles a big thanks to Barnsey and Ross. Both raffles are a steady revenue for the club and both do well.


I also would like to thank Barnsey and Ross again on marking the fields throughout the season. Also to Gropers who put up their hand and a special mention to Gary Bryant for the artwork on the Nostalgia Day. KHC, how good did the field look.


This year after 30+years of playing here, we finally put up some new lights on Merv Edwards Oval. They have made a huge difference to our training compared to what we have used. Thank-you to Kev Spencer, Desire and Tweed Shire Council.


Nostalgia Day this year was one of the best I have been involved with, the crowd around the ground and the line was 5 deep at the food and beverage tent. Big thanks to those that helped on the day and the response from other clubs that were down there for the day saying how good it was and that there should be more days like it.


Lastly a BIG THANK YOU to the Execs, Greg, Brett and Ross for all their tireless, volunteered and sometimes thankless work that you all have done this season. It is much appreciated by not only me but everyone in the club.


Before I finish I want to give Nathan a wrap, our club thanks you for coming back home and what you bring to the clud is priceless. Kingy are so grateful that we have an ex-Kookaburra Player and Assistant Coach to pass on his skills and knowledge of the game. As a club we embrace this and everyone should learn from you. Also to Jason his experience also showed and you left a few in awe at what you can do.


Welcome to all new players I hope you enjoyed the season and hope to Cya all back next year. Thank-you to existing members without you there is no club.





President Michelle


AKA – Donna Fay



Donna thanked all involved in the Club and declared all positions vacant


Returning Officer:  


Greg Edwards was nominated by Ross Salmon to chair the elections of Office Bearers.


PRESIDENT:  A written nomination from Donna Fay





Greg Edwards has put in a written nomination.



SECRETARY: A written nomination from Ross Salmon.



ASS SECRETARY:  Stood Over (new members may need to be trained)


TREASURER: A written nomination from Brett Gray                                           ELECTED


ASS TREASURER: A written nomination from Robert Barnes

A written nomination from Ross Salmon






Stood Over




In the past years we have elected them as a block, This meeting discussed Patrons and why are they Patrons.

Again nominate them in a block but get the executive to go through each one

Ray Mills
Sue Holt
Robert Barnes
Greg Edwards
Brian Curtis
Ian Edwards
Matthew Prichard
Henry Prichard
Merv & Rae Edwards
Cheryl French
Cudgen Leagues Club
Barry & Joyce Cox
Cliff & Gwen Turnbull     (Letter)
Ross Salmon
Fay Donna
Prichard Sharon
Michael Chinderah Tavern
Josh King Desire Contractors
Mate & Matts Farm Fresh Fruit and Veg
Smile Street Murwillumbah
Pieris Pty Ltd
Fahy Tree Servises
Xcell Health and Fitness Kingscliff
Brad Julius Plastering
Robert Richards Solo
DND Glass
Sammy & Paul White Concrete Pumping
Patrons are appointed by the club and sponsors are sort by the Club. Patrons can give money to the club eg for trophies and sponsor named are those from 2018 but more may be sort by the Club.


CLUB DELEGATES: Only one delegate is needed at these meetings preferably the Donna Fay,          

And Reserves of other executive members ie Vice President, Ross Salmon and Brett Gray



Dane McIntosh was nominated by Donna Fay, accepted and ELECTED






The Social Committee from last year ie Gary Bryant, Donna Fay, Sharon Prichard (not at meeting so on her acceptance) were nominated by Josh King. ELECTED

Josh King was nominated by Donna Fay, ELECTED





BOYS:    U/11   Stood Over



                U/13   Stood Over



                U/17   Stood Over



GIRLS:   U/11  Stood Over



                 U/13 Stood Over



                 U/16  Stood Over






MEN:             D1 Nathan Eglington was nominated by Robert Barnes, ELECTED


Brett Gray nominated by Donna Fay for Manager. ELECTED



                      D2   Will probably be done similar to last ie D1 and D2M training at the same time



                        D3   Gary Bryant and Josh King will be coaching and managing nominated by Donna




WOMEN:      D1 Greg Edwards supplied a written nomination form      ELECTED


                        D2 Lorelle Morrissey has put in a written nomination. ELECTED





                        D3 Stood Over



All positions stood over until more is known or at the first monthly meeting



Gary Bryant spoke on the development of sporting fields in the Kingscliff Area and that stage 1 of this proposed complex will be started in 2020. Stage 1 entails soccer moving over this side of the road with a clubhouse built, there will also be additions to cater for Little Athletics eg improved facilities and storage. Hockey along with cricket will have use of the existing club house on the Reg Dalton Oval side. Hockey will have the use of Merv Edwards Oval and 1 full sized pitch and 1 x ¾ pitch on Reg Dalton Oval. Some fencing and light pole adjustment is needed, The hill will remain. This will allow for a fully lit Hockey field to be in use and the existing clubhouse will be used with a limited alcohol licence.

When stage 2 of the complex has been appropriately funded the Reg Dalton side amenities will be upgraded with improved storage for both Cricket and Hockey

Brett Gray spoke on the Modern Management proposal the clubs in Tweed Border have been asked to consider. Queensland Hockey has stepped in to provide management assistant to associations that were collapsing mainly due to low numbers but also due to inadequate governance by clubs that make up these associations. This assistant came in the form of a Sports Consultancy looking into the make-up of the Association and the Clubs.                                     The make-up of Tweed Border and Clubs has been looked into with the plan to use an Association – Branch system.  This system has the Clubs as branches and having more input into the running of the Competition. Clubs have to decide if they want to continue Incorporated or be un incorporated with Tweed Border being the Incorporated body.                                            The aim of the proposal into have a greater collective approach to the running of the competition thus improve player numbers, some associations that have taken this on have  improved in numbers.                                                                                                               Brett Gray, with the information he has acquired, says it is not for this association. This Club is not in a bad position but clubs like Pottsville and Murwillumbah are not so well off. And this association is geographically conducive for this to occur ie it being so wide spread.                         Gary Bryant said this club should Wait and See. Nathan Eglington said it not advisable to go down this road when in a couple of years down the tract clubs may not exist.                                                Donna Fay asked this meeting to vote on whether to stay the same. CARRIED

Where does the club want to go with respect to moving up the coast? This question was discussed. The Association should be asked if they want to move – the move shouldn’t be just at the club level and it should be done in 2020 not next year as we are in a better bargaining position now. It was generally accepted that initially numbers may fall but with being there they will improve. Robert Barnes wanted a motion that this club asks the association where will they be by 2020 as a move to the Gold Coast maybe warranted. Brett Gray said this is already under way. The club is not able to walk away from Tweed Border now as it will place added pressure on them as now seeing that Kingscliff has a large presence in this Association.                                                                                                                      Individual teams might want to go up to play in the Gold Coast competition eg D3M might want to play like D1 & 2 M did this year. Nathan Eglington advised let’s wait and see with numbers for next year.

Brett Gray asked if 17Boys will be 18s next year. It should be noted that Kingscliff won’t have an U17Bs next year as most of the players now will be too old next year.

Robert Barnes asked about water on T2. Lights will be put up but not water. Why? A grant for lights has occurred. Robert Barnes asked if a low cost poly pipe be employed but the Tweed Border executive has been fixated on using lights. Barnsie will look into costing.

Nathan Eglington spoke on players being pigeon holed to play for one team and one team only and that it shouldn’t occur. It happened in the women more so this year. Not as much in the men as squads were used so if players couldn’t make a game their position could easily be filled. The case in the women eg the D1W had an inter-district game where they had only had 10 players – this was because players in other grades said they only play for those teams. This is not a good look for the number 1 side to do as the Club’s first team was being treated as the second team. Nathan went on to say that the grading numbers were too large for playing numbers not allowing for player movement if they improve or not. Ultimately 1 ruling does not fit all clubs.

Dates for preseason training will considered at the next Kingscliff Hockey Meeting

The Senior Encouragement award has been presented by Cliff Turnbull in the past but he hasn’t come to the Senior Presentation in the last number of years so it was decided to send him a letter to say his patronage was not required and it has been taken over by Robyn Morgan (don’t mention Robyn’s name). Of course thank him for his patronage in the past

Send a letter to Cam Wooley for a meeting.

Turf fees that were charged with registration fees were below what was needed to pay Tweed border so teams won’t get money back. Turf Fees have to be increased by the association especially to pay for medical personnel who have to be there now with Duty of Care.

Josh King is organizing the Christmas function at the Creek.



Being no further business the meeting was closed at 12.11  pm.

The next meeting monthly of the Kingscliff Hockey Club is Tuesday 8th January, 2019, from 6.00 pm at the Cudgen Leagues Club.



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