Annual General Meeting – 5th November 2017


Notes from the 2017 Annual General Meeting (at present these minutes are unendorsed)



Meeting opened at 10.05 am



                        Merv and Rae Edwards, Lorelle Morrissey, Tim Prichard, Sharon Prichard, Nathan Eglington, Gary Bryant



                           As per Attendance List.


Moved by Harry Gray and seconded by Brett Gray that the previous minutes were a true and accurate recording.




  1. Origin Electricity have been doing ‘Guestimate’ readings  of the Kingscliff Hockey Meter on Merv Edwards Oval for unknown reasons probable because they don’t have a key to the lock. We may have to get a new one. As the Hockey club is on an ‘Easy Pay’ system what is monthly debited from our account reflects how much we owe – at this time ~$300 in credit
  2. Rebel sports have taken over Amart Sports and have credited the club by $20 to be used by the 30th November this year. This Club also has a credit of $244.67 that will still be honoured by the new company.

That the correspondence be read and dealt with was moved by Robert Barnes and seconded by Cath Cargnoni.





  1. Letters and emails from Tweed Border Hockey:
  • Minutes from the August Competition Delegates Meeting along with Agenda for the September Meeting with discussion points
  • Turf Invoices for Weeks 27 and 28 plus Invoices for Training during September and August
  • Unigames in Late September
  • Summer Hockey at Tweed Border
  1. Email from Gina Smith from Qld Hockey about Facility Auditing
  2. Invoices and Receipts from Just Hockey ($1014.95for Junior Masks ie 20 masks returned), Aussie Bouncin’ Bites ($420 for the Jumping Castles at the Junior Presentation), Power Sports ($1799 for Junior and Senior Trophies), Aussiecom ($0 for Hosting Web Site – 0 due to sponsorship)
  3. Sports newsletter from NSW Office of Sport for September 2017
  4. Email from Metro Hockey Academy – a new hockey academy in South East QLD
  5. Figures to date and receipts for the Chinderah Raffles and BBQs and the Cudgen Raffles


 1. Letter and emails to Tweed Border:

  • Email to Tweed Border re being over charged for an U11Gs game
  • Covering with final payment for Turf Fees and amounts/week.
  • Letter about D1 teams playing on turf 1 resent for the Tweed AGM
  1. Receipt to Chinderah Tavern ($1500).
  2. Emails sent to members
  3. Notification of Kingscliff’s Annual General Meeting, fees owing and the 55 year reunion
  4. Invoices sent to players owing fees


  1. Notification of Kingscliff Hockey Club’s AGM in the Local Paper




Treasurer’s Report

Accounts at the Summerland Credit Union on the 30th October (the close of this club’s financial year)

S30 – $ 40 764.29

Social – $ 9 063.48


Total – $ 49 827.77 (last year’s $36 714.74)


This amount includes all bills paid up to this day.

  • And this is $ 13 000 over last year’s figure.
  • This amount is really $ 8 000 over as turf fee refunds of about $5000 are to be given out


Registration Fees

  • The Queensland Registration fee at the start of the season was decreased from last year. This payment not only pays Hockey Australia and Hockey Queensland Fees but pays for player insurance. This meant that initial registration fees to Queensland Hockey via their registration portal were $120 for Seniors for those >20 years (down from $130 in 2016), $77 for sub-Seniors 18-20 years, $55 for Juniors 10 – 17 years (down from $60 in 2016) and $23 for Juniors <10 years (up from $22 in 2016).


  • Registration Fees paid by Kingscliff Hockey players were

Seniors            $170 (up $10 from 2016)

Juniors             $100 (     “                      )

U9s -7s            $60   (same as last year)

  • Most people paid by Internet banking, a free service from the Summerland credit Union.
  • Tweed Border have been paid in full = $17 620.00 (down by ~$1000 from last year explained by the lower playing numbers this year -178 to 166 )



Turf fees

  • Turf Fees were collected at the same time as Rego fees

Turf Fees charged for 2017 –

D1M and D1W $250

D2W $150

D3M $80

D3W $50

All Junior players $90

  • Juniors were easy to estimate as all their games were on turf so a figure for all Junior Players to pay was charged. I have calculated what players are to be refunded next year – the only Junior team to get nothing back are the U17Bs
  • Seniors were harder in that not all games were on Turf. So an estimate based on last year’s number of games was made.
  • The main difference this year was that fewer games were played Turf due mainly to the wet weather at the start  of the season. Last year Juniors might have 15 -17 games on turf this year 12 – 13. In the Seniors the reduction in turf games was offset by the lack of a D2M competition.
  • Players playing Juniors and Seniors were charged Turf Fees for both
  • The amount paid to Tweed Border for Turf Fees was $14 755 (down $1800 last year)
  • ~$14 861 has been collected
  • The reimbursement will be taken off next year’s fees (or direct credited accounts if they aren’t playing) as long as all those in the team pay their fees.
  • Refunds for this season: D1M – $40, D1W – $60, D2W -$80, D3M – $7, D3W Sinkers – $20, D3W Piranhas – $5, U17B – $0, U16G – $4, U13G Queenfish – $48, U13G Mermaids – $34, U11G Pippies -$34



  • This year was pretty much the same as last year where Registration Fees were collected at the same time as Turf Fees. Up to now Fees owed to this club are $ 1648. Incidentally last year at this time there was $1645 was owed, of which 55% has been paid.
  • Collections methods have been effective, look to keep people informed of what they owe (especially now we refund money) and listen to people eg they might have unforeseen difficulties or not be playing at all.

Don’t forget our rules

  1. Anyone unpaid the previous year is not registered until they pay
  2. The Registration portion of fees is to be paid by the 1st June that season
  • Any one not on a KHC sanctioned payment plan for paying off their fees will not be registered
  1. Any refund is only after all in the team has paid




Bunning’s BBQ

  • A major fundraiser this year was the Bunning’s BBQ – a successful day – thank you to all involved. The club profited by $1089.65



Home Games

  • The Club had 5 weekends of home game this year as opposed to 3 last year

       (6/5 – ND, 17/6 – BBQ & Drinks, 24/6 – BBQ & Drinks, 1/7 – BBQ & Drinks, 29/7 – BBQ &

Drinks) this  included the Nostalgia Day.

Profits for all these home games were $460.35 with the Nostalgia Day making $ 553.95. Last

year these figures were $430 and $220.90 respectively.



  • U7 and U9 dress shirts were sponsored by Smiles Dental Group. Who out fitted our U7s team and the 2 x U9 teams in shirts.
  • Dress shirts were given out for all the Junior teams (plus U7s and U9s) costing the Club $3564.
  • Women’s Dress shirts and Men’s shorts were purchased for Senior teams ($951.50) The Women’s Dress shirts were sold and the Men’s Shorts are in the process of being sold?
  • No Black Socks (European style) were purchased this year but will have to be done next year.
  • Hoodies were ordered and sold this year ($1116 in Hoodies purchased and $812 in their sales with 3 to come in and I have 4 left over)
  • Sales of assorted items added up to $672 ie 48 x socks, 7 x sticks (@$25 I gave some away), 1 visor, 2 balls (@$5 each)


Select Sports (Just Hockey)

  • Purchases came to $3618.39 being for Goalie gear – including Helmets, Cover pants and straps, Game and Training Balls, vests, Smocks, Neck guard, Masks (Junior and Senior) We did get some free stock from A-Mart (Game and Training balls, Bibs)
  • There is still product to sell eg hockey sticks, balls, shin pads


Sponsors and Patrons

  • Sponsorship and Patrons have provided $10485 for the Club





3/10/2017 $50.00 Min & Friz Eglington
3/10/2017 $150.00 Boyd’s Bay Garage – the Wick’s
3/10/2017 $50.00 Barry Cox
3/10/2017 $150.00 Greg Edwards and Cheryl French
27/06/2017 $1,500.00 Matthew & Henry Prichard
30/06/2017 $1,000.00  Future Life Planning
19/07/2017 $500.00  Kingscliff Bridge Club
28/07/2017 $4,000.00  Twin Towns
1/08/2017 $300.00 Coastal Turf Sponsorship
15/08/2017 $500.00 Tweed Heads Bowls Club Lim
24/08/2017 $500.00 Tweed Glass
6/09/2017 $300.00 Tedford’s Air and Electrical
20/09/2017 $1,500.00 Taphouse

This has provided extra finances this year and in the future. Last year this figure was $8 250, while the year before it was $8 616 but the sponsorship this year is very good for the club and very much appreciated.

Other Expenses this year

  • Internet, phone expenses, Stationary came to ~$1500 similar to last year. This was paid for by the Cudgen raffles along with other expense eg for goals and marking fields – $628.46
  • The Electricity Bill has increased by about $400 from last year but on the Easy pay plan the Kingscliff Hockey is on as electrical usage goes down credit accrues so this club monthly Direct debit payment is adjusted – in our case it is down from $177 to $84 and the Club has ~$300 in credit



  • Figures for the both the Thursday and Saturday night raffles have been presented.


  • The Chinderah Raffles were joined with the BBQs Kingscliff Hockey had at home – $9558.70 (With ~$1000 Home games).


  • The Cudgen Leagues club raffles made $5700 this financial year.


  • So the Kingscliff Hockey Club has made ~$13 700 from raffles this year,


  • congratulations to both.



Functions this year

  • On the 5/8 we had a Junior Disco upstairs at the Cudgen Leagues Club with a loss of $250.00, it was agreed to try to hold it earlier in the year
  • On the 10/9 the club held the Junior Presentation with a loss of about $1283.50. Taking into account Jumping Castles, food provided and Trophies
  • On the 23/9 the club held the Senior Presentation with a loss $2235.50. Taking into account the catering, bar tab, trophies and the gate takings
  • I have included Trophies in both these figures – Juniors were $863.50 less than last year due to coaches paying for extras and Seniors were $935.50 about the same as last year since a supply of larger medallions were purchased for the Best Player awards to look different from other team medallions that were purchased last year. I have 30 large medals left and 10 small medals left



. That’s the Treasurer’s Report for 2017 that it be accepted was moved by Ross Salmon and seconded by  Brett Gray.


Presidents Report


Well the 2017 season is done and dusted. It was a big year for the club celebrating 55 seasons and a great reunion was had by all who attended the celebrations.


I would like to thank all who helped out in the running of the club, coaches, managers, sponsors, club mates, supporters and the club executives.


Greg, thank you for all your support this year as Vice President, you were extremely helpful. Big thank you to Ross for his time and dedication to our club which often goes unrewarded but we all really appreciate all the work that you do. Also thanks to Barnsie & Ross for marking the fields and the Cudgen Raffles. Thanks to Sharon for all her help in letter writing for sponsorships and being my PA during the year and to Gary for getting involved in the social club.


A big thank you to everyone.


KHC was well represented in filling the teams right through the juniors and seniors the only negative was no D2M side which no fault of ours being that there was no competition and also a lack of junior boys, but every club is struggling here. Big thanks to all junior coaches for their time each week and parents for driving the kids to games and training. By all reports the kids had a great season, playing hockey, making friends and most of all, having fun.


The Junior Disco was a big success and the presentation was probably one of the best I’ve been too. A big thank you to Brett Gray and his fireries, Nikki and her water hockey, Craig Shultz on the BBQ, Harry as DJ, Buck for his marquee and the boys who helped set-up the day.


Special mention goes to Vikings, Dolphins, Queenfish who were minor premiers in their age divisions and a big congratulations to Queenfish taking out the double with minor/major premiership title.


I must mention Pippies who with a majority og girls out of Modified last year playing on the big field for the first time had a great season just missing out on the finals..


Minkey were well run this year thanks to Patty, Maz and Greg all reports the kids had a great time and parents were happy. Mods had a great year and thank you to Ryan, Simon and Nikki.

I hope to see you all next year.


Also special this year we decked out every junior player, coach and manager with a Kingy Club shirt which looked fantastic. Even more striking when they all were seen wearing them after the games at TBHA. We all know what club they were from – Kingy.


Having said that we it wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsors getting on board – Tweed Coast Glass, Future Life Planning, Coastal Turf, Tedfords  Electrical and our club really appreciates all your support.


Congrats to all senior teams that made the finals and a special mention to sharks D2W who made their first Grand Final appearance in 10 years and were unlucky to come second on the day. Well done to Flik Hanna for player of the GF.


Stingers, Crabs and Gropers were unlucky to go in their Prelim finals. Also I would like to mention Piranhas who didn’t make the finals but what a great bunch of ladies who enjoy hockey and they also bled some juniors into the senior game.


Last but not least congrats to the Sinkers for bringing home the silverware, again – Minor/Major Premiers. Well done to Fiona Laybutt on player of the GF.


Cheers to all who helped out with the Bunnings BBQ and to all members who did their team raffles at Chinderah when fostered on. Remember it all goes back to this club and from which we all benefit. This year we decked out every team with face masks and we all had a great time at the 55th celebrations and the presentation night


Thanks to our sponsors who got on board for the 2017 season – Twin Towns, Matthew & Henry Prichard, Chinderah Tavern, Tweed Bowls Club, Cudgen Bridge Club and to all junior sponsors as mentioned.


Congratulations to all our Rep players Fiona Laybutt, Jade Shultz, Jasmin Morrissey, Brooke Harvey and Karen Slockee. Well done.


Well that’s me and as for my first year as president, it had its ups and downs but most of it was positive. I am looking forward to the 2018 season with some great news that Nathan & Lisa Eglington have come home to the Tweed and want to put back into our club which could mean good things for us with their wealth of knowledge, experience and skill.


See ya all next year.



Donna Fay


With nothing more, I declare all positions vacant.


Returning Officer:  


Greg Edwards was nominated by Ross Salmon to chair the elections of Office Bearers.


PRESIDENT:  A written nomination from Donna Fay



VICE PRESIDENT: A written nomination from Greg Edwards (due to certain conditions he may have to resign early)



SECRETARY: A written nomination from Ross Salmon.



ASS SECRETARY:  Stood Over (new members may need to be trained)



TREASURER: A written nomination from Brett Gray .



ASS TREASURER: A written nomination from Robert Barnes. ELECTED

A written nomination from Ross Salmon. ELECTED

Both Elected

There are positives from having a Secretary/Treasurer but with the gradual separation of the positions is what is aimed for and the addition of another face to the position can only help.




Stood Over




In the past years we have elected them as a block, This meeting discussed Patrons and why are they Patrons. Ask Gwen and Cliff Turnbull about the future Patronage eg the option of a memorial encouragement award in Andrew’s (Packy) name.

Again nominate them in a block but get the executive to go through each one

Patron Mills Ray
Patron Holt Sue
Patron Barnes Robert
Patron Edwards Greg
Patron Curtis Brian
Patron Edwards Ian
Patron Prichard Matthew
Patron Prichard Henry
Patron Edwards Merv & Rae
Patron French Cheryl
Patron Cudgen Leagues Club
Patron Cox Barry & Joyce
Patron Turnbull Cliff & Gwen
Patron Eglington Mark & Judith
Patron Salmon Ross
Patron Donna Fay
Patron Sharon Prichard
Sponsor Mark & Judy Eglington
Sponsor Wicks (Boyds Bay Garage) Noel & Leanne
Sponsor Prichard Matthew
Sponsor Prichard Henry
Sponsor Twin Towns Clubs + Resorts
Sponsor Coastal Turf – Tony the Turfman
Sponsor Future Life Planning Robert MacDonald
Sponsor Tedford Electrical
Sponsor Taphouse – Chinderah Tavern
Sponsor Tweed Coast Glass
Sponsor Mate & Matts Farm Fresh Fruit and Veg
Sponsor Kingscliff Wedsites Nick Forde
Sponsor Kingscliff Meats Natasha Swift
Sponsor Tweed Formworks Ange Edwards
Sponsor Smile Street Murwillumbah
Sponsor L to P Driving Academy Tim Prichard
Sponsor Always Cleaning Tim Prichard
Sponsor Desire Contractors Josh King


 CLUB DELEGATES: Only one delegate is needed at these meetings preferably the President. 

Donna Fay and back up executive.






Stood Over





The Executive remain as the Finance Committee


SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Sharon Prichard supplied a written nomination. ACCEPTED

Donna Fay nominated by Cath Cargnoni. ACCEPTED


Gary Bryant will be interested ask him

The executive may have some input


 BOYS:    U/11   Stood Over

                 U/13   Stood Over               

                U/17   Stood Over

GIRLS:   U/11  Stood Over 

                 U/13 Stood Over 

                 U/16  Stood Over



The exact format for these age groups hasn’t been decided yet nor has whether U11 will be a mixed competition – might know more after the Tweed AGM or the first Competitions meeting.


MEN:             D1 Nathan Eglington put in a written nomination for coach, ELECTED

Brett Gray nominated by Ross Salmon for Manager of D1M. ELECTED

                      D2   Stood Over.

                         D3   Stood Over.


WOMEN:      D1 a written nomination from Greg Edwards (still on the provision above). ELECTED

                         D2 Coach Stood Over

                                Cath Cargnoni was nominated by Donna Fay for Manager, ACCEPTED

                         D3 Sinkers are not playing next year so want to change the name

D3 Piranhas

Stood over



All positions stood over until more is known or at the first Kingscliff Hockey Club monthly meeting





  1. This meeting discussed the difference of the two turfs. A letter has been sent in to ask that D1 games be played primarily on T1. Robert Barnes moved the Association be asked to put  water on Turf 2 as has been done in Redcliff, seconded Cath Cargnoni. CARRIED

This will be brought up at the Tweed Border AGM plus charging the same turf fee for both turfs since T2 doesn’t have water on it at present.

  1. At previous monthly meetings this year brought up some issues that were marked to be looked into at this club’s AGM
    • At this club’s March Monthly Meeting in 2015 Merv Edwards moved that Juniors who consistently play goal keeper for their Kingscliff team in the year be reimbursed their Kingscliff Registration fees at the end of this season, and is to be reviewed annually, seconded by Donna Fay. This was Carried     At this meeting Donna Fay spoke on the need keep going since Junior goal keepers need some incentive. Other parts of this motion were discussed. Robert Barnes moved that Juniors who consistently play goal keeper for their Junior team in the year will be reimbursed their Kingscliff Registration Fees. This is after consultation with their coaches and executive and is to be done at the following years Annual General Meeting, it is to be reviewed annually, seconded by Cath Cargnoni. CARRIED
    • At this Club’s AGM in 2011 Merv Edwards moved that Senior players (of which one only can be nominated per team) coaching a Junior team will have 50% of their Registration fees paid and un-playing Junior coaches, with Juniors playing, will have 50% of these Juniors paid, this amount is up to 50% of the Seniors fees for the 2012 season. This motion was carried with ¾ the vote in agreement.     In February, 2012 Merv Edwards moved that Junior coaches will have to go to at least 5 x monthly meeting to qualify for reimbursement of half their registration fees, with initially being charged the full amount, seconded by Donna Fay. This was carried.

    To come along with the times Robert Barnes moved that by Registration fees it is to be both club and                  Queensland registration fees, seconded by Sam Morton. CARRIED

    After discussion of the 2 earlier motions it was agreed to keep them the same but combine them therefore           Greg Edwards  moved that Senior players (of which one only can be nominated per team) coaching a               Junior team will have 50% of their Registration fees paid and un-playing Junior coaches, with Juniors             playing, will have 50% of these Juniors paid, this amount is up to 50% of the Seniors fees and that                      Junior coaches will have to go to at least 5 x monthly meeting to qualify for reimbursement of half their            registration fees, with initially being charged the full amount, seconded Robert Barnes. CARRIED

    This is another reason for Junior coaches to be made up of Senior players – the incentives are there.

    • The Policy for young players to start in lower senior grades to get to play D1 and this should be a Kingscliff Policy ie start in lower grades and get a taste of D1 hockey was discussed but it was not ratified at the time so Greg Edwards moved that for young to start in lower grades before they get to get to play D1 but this is subject to the circumstances at the time, seconded by Robert Barnes. CARRIED
    • First aid kits for All not just juniors, the Tweed AGM might go a certain way?
  1. Donna Fay said the Junior presentation was very good and it was suggested to her (by Kelvin Jordan) that the club hold something similar at sign on next year.
  2. Greg Edwards said we should hold the Junior Disco earlier so it can be timed to act as a welcome to the Juniors. Greg Edwards went on to say the club should look to employ a professional person to organize the night. Early booking is hard in that we don’t know the dates for the season start, maybe we should just select a date at the start of the season before the Commonwealth games, and call it a fun day. The 24th March for the Junior Disco but the Fun day should be in early February (Friday arvo), Maybe a 3 week sign on with the first 2 being the sign on and the 3rd day the Fun Day. School intervention is a priority and with Nathan Eglington coming back he might be a good draw card, but what is the Association going to do? Maybe hold the Fitzpatrick Cup earlier in the year. Maybe get someone to go to the schools – even pay them on a club level.
  3. At the Tweed Border AGM questions on payments should be brought up eg Umpiring payment for Juniors eg in G/Fs, Juniors going away, Turf fees may need to be put up ie with the power bill going up along but there’s also umpire payment, first aid fees and the turf have to be replaced, Turf fee charges for inter-district games have to be clarified.
  4. What is the Association doing with regards to playing up the coast. Does the Tweed want to keep hockey at the expense local hockey.
  5. Greg Edwards asked why do U16Gs not play their GF on Monday (to be brought up at the Tweed AGM)- Robert Barnes moved that all Juniors teams that play at various times in the week during the season have their Grand Finals on that day, seconded by Alicia Harvey. CARRIED
  6. Greg Edwards reminded the meeting that dates for the Presentations this year be finalized early – this year it is at the Cudgen Leagues Club, Donna Fay said there is a meeting with Nathan Kerr, the General Manager of Cudgen Leagues Club, so we’ll wait till after that.
  7. Robert Barnes moved that that the Kingscliff Hockey Clubs end of financial year be the last day in October ie the 31st , CARRIED
  8. Greg Edwards asked about financial refunds/team for next year: D1M – $40, D1W – $64, D2W -$80, D3M – $7, D3W Sinkers – $20, D3W Piranhas – $5, U17B – $0, U16G – $4, U13G Queenfish – $48, U13G Mermaids – $34, U11G Pippies -$34 I’ll be sending the Coaches notification of these refunds so sent them the notification
  9. Greg Edwards qualified the payment of fees in that those players who haven’t paid their fees by the end of June have to be on a payment plan. Sam Morton payment plan is the best. The Deregistration date is about the start of June – find out this date at the start of the season and tell players early so if they aren’t paid or are on a payment plan they don’t play. Greg Edwards moved that the club let people know the deregistration date and for players to let the Treasurer know 1 week prior to this if they are not playing, seconded Joanne Tunstall. CARRIED Greg said that if players haven’t paid anything or aren’t on a payment plan they are deregistered and their team may lose points if they play.
  10. Men’s shorts to be sold for $27.50
  11. Those at the meeting were reminded to put in for positions with Tweed Border
  12. Gear is to be returned for inventory from 8.00 am on the 26th November at Barnsie’s place.


Being no further business the meeting was closed at 12.35 pm.

The next meeting monthly of the Kingscliff Hockey Club is Tuesday 12th February 2017 from 6.00 pm at the Cudgen Leagues Club.