Team Training

Training in 2021 hasn’t been finiallised yet.   U11s –   U13G – Ryan Campbell -0402 852831 U16G –   Mens Hockey –   D1W – D2W – D3W Piranhas – D3W Pelicans – Players Training Rules (as of 15th June, 2020) Assist in preventing the community transmission of COVID-19 by: Downloading the COVIDSafe app […]

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Reserve Men – Gropers 2020 Team List

Team Name: Gropers Division: Res M Name of Team Contact: Gary Bryant Phone Number: 0449 903935 PLAYERS NAME Josh King Damien King Tim Prichard Jack Prichard Gary Bryant Jeffery Pritchard Jamie Allen Greg Edwards Steven Leifels Kelvin Jordan Siemon McFie Steven Lewis Andrew Ridgewell Harrison Gray  

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