All coaches are given a box at the start of the year containing the shirts for their team to wear. This box will also contain shorts or skirts if designated for that team.

Senior and Junior males will have shorts supplied but some players will have purchased their own,

Senior females will be supplied skirts while Juniors need their own ie black skirts.

Under 7s and 9s will be supplied with game shirts  but will need black shorts (for boys)or Skirts (for girls)

SOCKS are available for $10/set

Dress shirts are available (see coaches)

All coaches should have their teams’ shirts (in box) to be given out before the game. These shirts are to be collected at the end of each game and to be washed as a group. These shirts are not to be moved from one box to another. Shorts and Skirts are to be handled the same as Shirts.

Please don’t wear game shirts outside game time, instead wear a dress shirt.