Tuesday 11th September, 2018

                                               held at Cudgen Leagues Club


Meeting opened at 6.08 pm.



Lorelle Morrissey and Cath Cargnoni from Sharks



                           As per Attendance List


Moved by Paula Stevens and seconded by Tracey Prichard that the previous minutes were a true and accurate recording.



  1. There is no theme for the Junior Presentation – each team can have their own one
  2. Get team Gear back in
  3. Feed-back from Cudgen Leagues Club was good with respect to the Nostalgia Day
  4. The letter pledging money for the Kingscliff Sporting complex was brought up. Gary Bryant said a decision on the 11th November should tell if it will go ahead. He said to add support to this Complex going ahead is done by a letter and showing you are willing to add financial support – thus the letter.
  5. The Super “9s”will only go ahead if there is interest shown. A meeting in October (9th at 6 pm) will discuss this and steering Committee has to be elected and so help to manage this cause of action. Any ideas can be brought up at this meeting.
  6. The theme for the Senior Presentation will be ‘Race Day’
  7. Chinderah Raffles roster has been set
  8. There will be no Golf day as Chinderah will frequented this Saturday night

That the correspondence be read and dealt with was moved by Brett Gray and seconded by Tracey Prichard.





Letters and emails from or via Tweed Border Hockey:

  • Email asking clubs to go in a Growth4Growth Campaign
  • Email about the U7s and U9s break up day
  • Minutes of the Competition Delegates meeting on the 13th August, 2018.
  • Email asking teams to hand score sheets in
  • Email notifying the changes to times for Gold Coast G Fs
  • Information on the new Modern Management system. Basically this system is where clubs called branches and have a collective approach to managing Hockey in the Tweed area. Branch managers/presidents from each club/branch get together to manage the various aspects of hockey. Registration of players to clubs/branches will be similar to players now paying fees to Queensland Hockey, a percentage goes to Hockey Qld another percentage goes to Hockey Australia but in this case the fees will be paid directly to the Association and with the use of an accounting system called Majestri, this money can be distributed to the association or to club. This new Modern Management system will create incentives for those that Volunteer being greater for those at higher levels (even for coaches). This new system is to be trialed first, so this club will have to organize a Branch Manager/President for the next meeting on the 26th September. Greg Edwards said the Majestri Banking system might be the way to go.

Electricity Statement from Origin (This club is on the Esipay System where monthly payments are taken from its account these payments have gone from $98 down to $78 – July has not been charged)

Statement for July from the Summerland Credit Union

Invoices for meat from Panorama Meats for Thursday’s raffles for July & August

Email from Rebel Sport Community Kickbacks Program (Rebel were A-Mart)

Email from Fair Trading only applies to Associations registered as charities

Sport shorts newsletter for August from the NSW Office of Sport






Email/letters sent to Tweed Border

  • Thank you for allowing the Club to host the Nostalgia Day
  • Emails to Grounds and Fixtures about the U13Gs semifinals; D1M final series; time for the D3M finals game

Letter to Mark and Judith Eglington

Letter sent to Stewart Brawley to PLEDGE (not pay ) $5 000 for the proposed Kingscliff Sporting Complex

Receipts sent to Taphouse – Chinderah Tavern ($1500) for Sponsorship and Ian and Jayne Edwards for their donation ($100)

Lists of players owing sent to Coaches and team Managers, receipts sent to those paying. Discussion of this ensued with many players initially saying they will pay it off but these people need a regular payment plan as alot of those paying off are not honouring it.




Community First A/C – $ 32,152.92

Social Club A/C – $ 13,086.39

Total $ 45,239.31

No Turf Fee accounts have been sent out by Tweed Border as yet. The number of games and in the case for some teams the number of trainings were read out with coaches to check the number and get back to me.

That the Treasurer’s Report be accepted was moved by Brett Gray and seconded by Gary Bryant.





Teams business was done:

  • Sharks – they have sent apologies as they are training
  • Crabs are in the G/f this weekend at 4 pm on Turf 1
  • Stingers won the Gold Coast and are going to play this week to play Waratahs
  • Piranhas – the only item was that they will probably need a new set of gloves for next year
  • Gropers after Saturday’s loss it was decided to look to go into the Gold Coast competition next year. The timing of the final series should have been known at the start of the year so players could adjusted for this as it was Gropers had a percentage of their team unable to play. Gropers want Tweed Border to seriously look at amalgamation with Gold Coast but Brett Gray said this would be difficult to achieve in the present climate. Maybe with each Club liaising with the Gold Coast might help future games.
  • Dolphins asked as we played on the Turf while it was dry should we get a concession for that with respect to Turf Fees. Send a letter to tweed Border asking this.
  • Pelicans also played on a dry surface, Tracey Prichard was happy that they had made third in the competition.
  • Queenfish – Tracey Prichard said that they had a draw for their last game, Mikaela Mulherin was player/sportsman for the U13Gs. It was asked if the club had been notified so as these players are asked to turn up to the G/Fs – No. In past years this club has been notified about Junior and Senior player high in points for these awards – the club is not told winners, in the past the club has been informed on possible winners so players could be informed to turn up to G/Fs (this was brought up at the Delegates meeting last night)


Greg Edwards brought up points from the Delegates meeting the previous night

  • The U7 and U9 breakup day lacked any atmosphere, as were the Junior G/Fs. All clubs were asked to discuss taking the U16Gs G/F back to Saturdays.
  • The PA system can’t be heard.
  • Ideas are needed for the collective approach Tweed Hockey will take next year with the next modern management meeting in early October.

The water pump is out of action but Gary Bryant said it should be right for the weekend

Numbers for the bus on Saturday are needed

The date for the Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was decided on – Sunday the 11th November starting at 10 am upstairs at the Cudgen Leagues club.



Thanks for your attendance at this meeting.

Being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.08 pm.

The next monthly meeting will be held next year, 2019, in the mean-time the Annual General Meeting for 2019 will be held on the 11th November from 10 am.




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