Tuesday 5th September, 2017

                                               held at Cudgen Leagues Club


Meeting opened at  6.06 pm.







                           As per Attendance List.


Moved by Gary Bryant and seconded Cathy Cargnoni by that the previous minutes were a true and accurate recording.



  1. Thanks for putting Photos on face Book so they could be placed on the Kingscliff Hockey Web site.
  2. The Masks that were sent from Just Hockey (Brisbane) are too small for Seniors Teams and U17Bs
  3. Nicole Bushnell asked if the U11 mixed competition will go ahead next year – most likely.
  4. Letter sent to Jeff
  5. Turf fee calculation better


That the correspondence be read and dealt with was moved by Kelvin Jordan and seconded by Brett Gray.





  1.  Letters and emails from Tweed Border Hockey Association
  1. Email to give clubs recommendations coming from a Formal Complaint and Incidents in a D1Ms game, included is Hockey Queensland’s and this club’s Codes of Conduct
  2. Turf Invoices for Weeks 17 to 26 along with a training Invoice for July.
  • Flier for the Break up Day for the U7s and 9s (sent to all players involved)
  1. Copy of an umpiring complaint given to Tweed Border
  1. Statement for July from the Summerland Credit Union
  2. Details of Electricity Usage and payments from Origin for Jan to July
  3. Thankyou email from the Shultz’s re Jayde
  4. Covering letter from Tweed Heads Bowls Club with sponsorship ($500)
  5. Invoice from Panorama Meats Thursday Raffles (Paid – $1530), Statement from Just Hockey for Masks (Unpaid – $2 264)
  6. Sports Shorts newsletter from NSW Office of Sports and Recreation
  7. Email from Nathan Eglington



  1. Letters/emails to Tweed Border:
  1. Letter about D1 teams playing on Turf 1
  2. Agenda items sent into Tweed Border to be discussed at the Competitions meeting on the 14th August
  • Letters asking for Draw alterations
  1. Covering letter for this club’s final registration fees payment, plus a player numbers breakdown
  1. Letter to Jeff Johnson with his reply.
  2. Receipt to Tweed Heads Bowls Club ($500) and Tax invoice to Chinderah Tavern (asking for $1500)






Community First A/C – $ 43 153.30

Social Club A/C – $ 6 869.54

Total $50 022.84 (up by $2000 on last month)


The Kingscliff Hockey Club has collected just over $3 000 over the last month with players getting an update on what they owe, with $3 800 owing. A list of those owing is available.

Turf invoices up to week 26 have been sent by Tweed Border so the final invoices have to be sent up to week 28 it’s estimated the KHC is approximately $2000 in the rears.


The debits for this month include:

Reimbursement to Jayde Shultz for State Representative duty ($900)

Registration fees paid to Tweed Border ($1330)

Meat for Thursday’s Raffles ($1500)

Electricity ($84)

Internet/Phone/Stationary ($110)


Credits this month include:

Sponsorship from Tweed Heads Bowls Club ($500) and Tweed Glass ($500)

Registration and Turf Fees collected ( $3000)

Raffles ($2785)

Stock sales ($200).


That the Treasurer’s Report be accepted was moved by Brett Gray and seconded by Kelvin Jordan.





  1. What came out of the Competition Meeting 14th August
  1. Next Monday night another on will be held
  2. Letter about D1 playing on Turf 1 to be sent for discussion at the Tweed AGM
  • Summer Hockey – will be possibly on Tuesdays. A 5 a side competition for U10s and U13s will be held (probably start early Feb 2018
  1. D1M 9s competition to be held over 1 weekend (sponsor needed)
  2. Discussion of U11 inter-mingling of Boys and girls to be discussed at the AGM
  3. Tweed Border haven’t set a date for their AGM (late November early December?) and there will be positions on the Board available.
  1. Donna Fay congratulated all Kingscliff Teams this year and mentioned those making the Grand Finals – U13Gs won, U16Gs lost – both last weekend and this weekend the U17Bs, D2W and Sinkers and all at the meeting were reminded that U17Bs play on Friday night at 6.30 pm and Sinkers on Saturday at 10.30 am and D2W at 1.30 pm on Saturday.
  2. Each team representative was asked if their team had any problems – Niki Bushnell, who coaches Seahorses U9s, requested that her team stay together in the U11s – what was the Association doing for a mixed competition next year? She was told that this was to be discussed at the Tweed Border Annual General Meeting. Paula Stevens, a representative for Piranhas, said that due to retirements they may not have a team next year. She was told to wait and see as there’s a number of young ones coming through. D1M via Brett Gray asked about the competition next year again numbers next year and the discussion at the Tweed Border AGM will dictate the course.
  3. Brett Gray spoke on the need to Kingscliff members to get on Tweed Border Committees to help curb any perceived bias or one dimensional thinking that seems to be plaguing the Association. A simplified nomination form should be made available to all members of the Association.
  4. The Junior Presentation is this Sunday. Volunteers are needed from 8am to set up the marquee. The day will begin from 11.30 am. A Jumping castle and an Obstacle course will be there with volunteers needed to control the ques for each. A slip and slide is to be organized – drinks and food were organized.
  5. The date for Kingscliff Hockey Club Annual general Meeting is on Sunday the 5th November starting from 10 am at the Cudgen Leagues Club
  6. The Senior presentation is on Saturday the 23/9 at the Chinderah Tavern from 6 pm. It’s $15/head and the food will be a roast (with a salad or vegetables). Numbers are needed for catering. Team themes. Try to get people to pay before the night.
  7. Outstanding uniforms and gear get back in from teams finished for season. Shorts were to be purchased for the men next year
  8. Outstanding fees are to be paid.


Thanks for your attendance at this meeting.

Being no further business the meeting was closed at 7.36pm.

The next monthly meeting will be next year, 2018 with the next meeting the Annual General Meeting.




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