Hockey Tweed is entering into an Inter-district with Far North Coast in the following:

Div 1 & 2 men (full draw)
Div 1 women – 2 rounds followed by cross-over finals for placings
Div 3 men – 1 round and first past the post for placings

and Inter-district with Gold Coast for Open Junior Boys – 2 teams from Casuarina and some Waratah boys are playing for Capri.

Grand Final Schedule.
As some teams will be playing their GF at an away venue, we can fit both juniors and seniors on one day.
As FNC are still finalising their teams, we have decided to start our local competition. FNC Inter-District won’t commence until after Easter.



The lights on Turf 2 are supposed to be completed in May and we will keep you updated if this reflects any future changes to the draw.

Local Draw format:

Saturday Mornings;-

8am: U7s & U9s

9am  – U11 (plus 11am?), 10 and 11am  – U13



Friday – Turf 1 – 6pm and 7.30pm

Saturday – Turf 1  12.15, 1.45, 3.15, 4.45

Turf 2   12.15, 1.45, 3.15

Grass – 12.15, 1.45


  • Covid 19 Rules

Reminding all members that Covid regulations are still to be enforced at Hockey Tweed until further notice. We are relying on self-regulation for check in for all spectators and team officials etc. The scanning code will be available at the front gate or the option of manual sign-in. For this reason, there will only be one gate open for entering and exiting the centre.

As pointed out, last year during the season and at the planning day, many rules and regulations were negotiated due to Covid and Hockey Tweed’s attempt to accommodate as many members as possible. This season, we are returning to our normal pre-Covid rules.

  1. All divisions are returning to 11 a side full field hockey. 
  2. All teams must list at least 11 players. Players can only be listed on one team.


  • Matt Bartell as Hockey Tweed Registrar (also Operations Manager) will be in contact with Club registrars regarding the Revolutionise platform.
  • A Team official/s need to be added to every team. This makes communication to the correct person possible and is so much more efficient. Also with duty of care, we need to check all Team Officials have their WWC. As a suggestion, get someone else in the club to chase up WWC number. This person can be your Child Protection Officer. This will include non-playing umpires.


Every team must supply a tech official for every game. No team is to take the field without this person present. Please get this person organised before the game. This is a great way of getting non-hockey parents involved and sharing the load.

Carolyn Goodwin is our new Canteen person. She has had a lot of experience with running canteens at soccer and we hope that everyone will welcome her. Please offer any feedback to Matt re the menu. This is your canteen and you will reap the benefits from its profits.

Wet weather options– as Sundays have lots of free turf time apart from rep training, it is proposed that if fixtures are washed out, they will be played the following week on the Sunday. Please let your members know.


Finally, last season, was a challenging one to get happening but I need to acknowledge the clubs for getting a lot of their players back on the field.

The silver-lining for last season was the everyone appeared to be so grateful just to be playing and there was a real unity across all clubs. 

All clubs were supportive of Covid stations, tech officials and generally anything that needed to be done. We hope that all clubs can continue to work together to help maintain that cohesiveness. In most cases, I have to say that the behaviour of all players and officials was great. As always, it is the club’s responsibility to monitor and supervise the behaviour of its members. This includes player conduct on the field (eg rough play, use of bad language) and off the field, team officials, game officials and spectators. Clubs will be penalised if any of their members bring the game into disrepute.