The Kingscliff Hockey Club’s Code of Conduct:

This Code of Conduct applies to players, officials, (coaches) and spectators.

The Kingscliff Hockey Club is responsible for the behaviour of their players, officials including coaches  and supporters – these people should be encouraged to participate within the framework of the Code.

The following behaviour is UNACCEPTABLE

  • Violence, threats or intimidation.

  • Umpire or player abuse.

  • Swearing or abusive language.

  • Sledging or incitement to unacceptable behaviour.

  • Malicious misrepresentation of facts.

  • Inappropriate use of Club owned items.

  • Inappropriate use of alcohol or drugs.

  • Misuse of Social Media. (Facebook, Twitter etc)

    The following behaviour is to be ENCOURAGED

  • Fostering the development of younger players to play to their highest potential.

  • A spirit conducive to families and younger players.

  • Strong competition played within the rules and spirit of the game.

  • Active participation in the running of the sport of hockey ie coaching, administration, umpiring, fundraising

    All players are responsible for wearing correctly fitting shin-guards and mouth guards at all times whilst on the hockey fields.

ANY MEMEBER of the club found guilty of breaking this code faces suspension.

How to deal with misconduct.

What to do if there is an incident of Sports Rage
Anyone can:-
Report the incident to the ground official or club committee member.

(Ground official or committee member or umpire if on the field.)

Approach sports Rager and issue warning for breach of the code. Based on the situation, decide on the next step;

  • Take no further action

  • Refer sports rager to the committee for disciplinary action eg a repeat offender or a serious case

  • Remove sports rager from the field of play/venue

  • Suspend play until action is taken

  • Involve the police if the behaviour constitutes a criminal act

The Club Committee then holds a disciplinary hearing resulting in outcomes like counselling, suspension or expulsion.



Monthly Meetings next year will remain on the second Tuesday of each month at the Cudgen Leagues Club at 6.00 pm. To help bolster attendance a member from each team must be present at these meetings. This is to ensure that if an individual has a grievance then a meeting is the best forum to have this heard.



Fees will be collected for Registration and Turf Fees as was done last season as it worked quite well. The fee calculation will be done similarly to last season, any turf refund for the previous season will be taken off this season’s fees as long as all in that team have paid their fees. If players do not play a particular week on turf it still counts as their team has played.

The Monthly Competition Delegates Meeting

What came out of the last meeting – 29th Jan, 2018

  • The start of Hockey this year is Friday the 2nd March for the Men’ 9’s and for the D1W it’s the 3rd March for everyone else it will begin on the Weekend starting with the 6th April (Fri)
  • The men’s 9’s will be over 4 weekend with the number of teams in the competition dictating whether there are finals or not (ie > than 4 teams will be a competition of first past the post < than 4 teams will mean finals will be played. There will be prize money also
  • D1W will begin with local competition
  • Board members are responsible for various portfolios this year. All correspondence will be via Kath Dooley, the Association secretary. Sanders Hetherington will control Grounds and Fixtures and local umpiring. Margie Coleman will look after Representative Coaches and Umpiring. Brett Gray will control the Competition Committee eg Grading etc. Carl Johnson will help with all portfolios and look after the Bar and Canteen.

If anyone has a question for any of these portfolios send them to Kath Dooley  who will give them to the relevant person. If that can’t be resolved then it is taken to the Board.

  • All team numbers will be required by the next meeting ie on the 12th Feb