Training in 2023

PRE SEASON FITNESS: Open club preseason fitness commences at the clubhouse on Wednesday 8th of February at 630pm. A free BBQ sausage sizzle will be provided for dinner to all attendees at this opening session.

For any further information please contact your coach from last year. If you are a new or returning player from an early season you can contact us through our Facebook or Instagram pages, as well as email:


U8s Mixed – Coached by  Kelvin Jordan (0432 645275)

U11s Mixed

– Coached by Tiarn Prichard (0422 255087)

–  Training Wednesday afternoons at Kingscliff

U14 Mixed

– Coached by Ryan Campbell (0402 852831)

Open G

– Coached by Craig Sadler (0401 494696)

Training times will be arranged by coaches so if you are unsure ring them


Mens Hockey –


– Coached by Troy Nunan (0407 092612)

D3M –

– Coached by ?      (contact Gary Bryant 0449 903935)

The Men will probably be on Wednesday’s from 6.30 pm but if you are unsure  contact your coach

Womens Hockey –

D1W & D2W

– Coached by Lisa Eglington (0408 064695)


D3W – Piranhas and Pelicans

– Pelicans (I dont know for sure) try Lorelle Morrissey (0455 281 817) 0r Bree O’Grady (0423 307399)

  • Piranhas try Tracy Bashford (0405 506950)

NOTE: That every 3rd week ALL Junior and Senior teams will train in Kingscliff together. This club initiative to create more interaction and less segregation across its members. 

If unsure contact your coach.


If it’s raining go to or use the Tweed Council App to see if the Reg Dalton Oval is open for use and give the contact for that grade or age group a phone call.


Turf rules must be obeyed even during training.

  1. Only the coaches, Managers and players permitted in the dugouts
  2. Access the field is via the middle gate near the dugouts – at no time are you permitted to jump the fence
  3. No Chewing gum or food of any description on the field
  4. No smoking, drinking alcohol or eating in the dugouts or the cemented area near the dugouts
  5. All persons who enter the field including umpires – MUST wash your shoes in the basin provided. If the foot wash is dirty, please hose it out and re-fil.
  6. No jewellery, including watches are to be worn on the field.
  7. All buckles on goalkeepers equipment to be covered at all times – by tape over the exposed buckles.
  8. Players are not permitted to wear foot ware with any tags or hard cleats.
  9. Players must not use sticks with splits or rough jagged edges.
  10. If bleeding occurs the player must leave the field immediately and cannot return until the wound has been covered and all traces of blood are removed from the area. Any clothing is to be removed and a fresh uniform is to be worn back onto the field.
  11. At half time both teams retreat back to respective dugouts and have their talk and water.
  12. Please do not place milk crates or other water bottle carriers on the surface.
  13. When washing your mouth out please use the drain to dispose of water.
  14. NO TRAINING IN THE MAIN CIRCLE AREA – ALL TRAINING MUST BE DONE IN THE SIDE NETS. If the goals are not in the side please move them. Teams/Clubs found using the main circles to train in may expect fines!

 For teams regularly training on the turf be familiar with regarding opening and closing the complex. lights are automatic so you do not have to turn them off and Turf 2 light should be up and running by the start of the season.