Hockey registration for the 2024 Season.

The link for Registration in 2024 is:

Once you have  clicked on this link follow the prompts for new and re-registering players. There are options for full or partial payments. You must be registered before you start any stick and ball training to be covered by insurance,


Note: New players who have played for another club in the last 5 years will need a clearance from that club which is to be supplied to . Send it to me ( then I will send it on to Hockey Tweed before you’re able to play for Kingscliff.

 The Total Kingscliff Hockey Club fees  are for Turf Fees ie playing on turf Fees (to be invoiced ), Team nomination fees, goalie equipment, Club Expenses, End of year functions etc. As turf fees were included last year if a player does not play a particular week on turf it still counts as their team has played. For players filling in a team they do not have to pay turf fees for the team they fill in for. Paying Turf fees in bulk means players don’t have to pay each week. Uniform Fees will be added also.

 Fot those who know they will be playing in the 2024 season you can begin payment of your fees in small increments so as there is not a lump sum by the 2024 season




Details for paying KHC fees on-line
BSB: 728-728
Account Number: 22201033
Account Name: Kingscliff Hockey Club



Note: If you have outstanding fees from 2020 or from an earlier year you will not be registered through Kingscliff Hockey and cannot play until all outstanding fees are paid.

Email if you have questions.