Hockey registration for the 2021 Season.

Registration link for Kingscliff Hockey Club registration –

Link to Register for Super Sixes –  Hockey Tweed Website


Note: New players who have played for another club in the last 5 years will need a clearance from that club which is to be supplied to . Send it to me ( then I will send it on to Hockey Tweed before you’re able to play for Kingscliff.



Kingscliff Registration Fees for 2021 have been set–


Teams have been set and fees for turf usage have been set, each player will receive an invoice.

The fees are for 2021 (note Hockey Australia and Hockey Queensland fees were paid when you registered):-


Age Group Hockey Australia and Hockey Queensland Fees  

Hockey Tweed



Kingscliff Hockey

  Registration  Turf Fees
Junior U9         $15            $100
Junior U10 – U18         $72.50          $95            $115          Depends on Team
Sub Senior 19-24 (student)         $100          $120           $140          Depends on Team
Senior 19+          $128          $165           $185          Depends on Team


And the Kingscliff Hockey Club fees (to be invoiced ) are for Turf Fees, Team nomination fees, goalie equipment, Club Expenses, End of year functions etc. As turf fees were included last year if a player does not play a particular week on turf it still counts as their team has played. For players filling in a team they do not have to pay turf fees for the team they fill in for. Paying Turf fees in bulk means players don’t have to pay each week. Any over payment of Turf Fees at the end of the year will be reimbursed or taken off next years fees. Uniform Fees will be added also.


For the Kingscliff Hockey Club Fees:-

Invoices will be sent to all players. ALL REGISTRATION FEES ARE DUE BY THE 1st of June, by then Tracy Bashford (0405 506950) should be contacted for a payment plan, if fees are not paid you will be deregistered.

Contact Tracy Bashford (0405 506950) or send an email to


NSW Vouchers


Now that the Kingscliff Hockey Club has been accepted as a provider, this club able to accept vouchers from parents of Kids going to NSW schools – to get a voucher log onto Active Kids Voucher.

Anyone wanting to use a Kid’s Voucher as payment towards their child’s registration fees send the name on the voucher, the voucher number and the birth date of the NSW school student and the amount will be taken off your invoice (send to


Details for paying KHC fees on-line
BSB: 728-728
Account Number: 22201033
Account Name: Kingscliff Hockey Club



Note: If you have outstanding fees from 2020 or from an earlier year you will not be registered through Kingscliff Hockey and cannot play until all outstanding fees are paid.

Please contact Tracy Bashford (0405 506950) or email