Queensland Hockey registration for the 2018 Season.

All Players are to be registered through Qld Hockey and registered through Kingscliff Hockey to be able to play this year. All Players (new to the Club or players renewing) click here for the Queensland Portal to Register ie

Registration Portal  This portal is now open for the 2018 season

For anyone playing in 2018, contact Ross Salmon (0421 489921) early so team numbers can be

arranged. This means anyone coming in late may not get to play for the team they want.

If you intend to re-register after playing for Kingscliff Hockey last year use the email address you used last year to register.

Note: New players who have played for another club in the last 5 years will need a clearance from that club which is to be supplied to kingscliffhockey@gmail.com . It is then sent to Tweed Border Hockey before you’re able to play for Kingscliff.

All players are to register with QLD Hockey and sign on to the Kingscliff Hockey Club before they play.

QLD Hockey Fees for 2018

Hockey QLD      Hockey Aust      Insurance     Total
$  16.50             $  8.50               –                          $ 25*          U10s

$  38.00             $ 17.00              $ 10.00         $ 65*          Juniors (10-18yrs)
$  59.00            $ 17.00               $ 10.00         $ 86*          Sub Seniors (18-20 yrs)
$   82.00            $ 28.50               $ 25.00         $135.50*       Seniors (18+ yrs)


*this total is paid online at time on registration (inclusive of GST ) Don’t register here until you are 100% sure you are playing because Qld Hockey says this fee is not refundable
These fees must be paid during online registration and only by Visa or Mastercard.



                    2018 SIGN-ON DETAILS

 WHEN:         Sat 17th Feb

WHERE:       Merv Edwards Oval, Sand St, KINGSCLIFF

(across the road from the Cudgen Leagues Club)


TIME:           From 10 am


Inquiries:   Donna Fay 0448 186 591,  Greg Edwards 0407 457165,

Brett Gray 0438 852768 or Ross Salmon 0421 489 921

Players for all Grades are required ie beginners, 5 to 9 yrs. along with Juniors to open

Season begins in 2018 for Men’s 9s early March, for D1W early March and for all else in early April.

This date is mainly for Juniors but Seniors can attend.

Seniors will have a Bowls day on the 18th February at the Cudgen Leagues Club from 10am

Anyone who played last year (Juniors and Seniors) could they text me if they are playing this year – 0421 489921.

Last Year’s Registration

QLD Hockey Fees for 2017

Under 10s…………………………….$ 23.00*
Juniors (10-17yrs)……………….…$ 55.00*
Sub Seniors (18-20 yrs)…………..$ 77.00*
Seniors (20+ yrs)………….……….$ 120.00*

Kingscliff Registration Fees for 2017 –

U7s & U9s………………$60



D1M/player……………..$420                       D1W/player………………$420

D2M/player………………$320                     D2W/player………………$320

D3M/player……………….$250                     D3W/player………………$220

Note: The above fees are for

  • Club levy ie money paid to Tweed Border per each team for Clubhouse duties
  • Association fees from Tweed Border
  • Kingscliff Hockey Club administration fees
  • Club equipment fees eg hats, balls, goalie gear
  • Turf Fees, as per last year turf Fees for 2017 will be incorporated into players Registration Fees so these Fees will not be collected each week. They can be paid off. Any under payment will have to be fixed up at the end of the year or collected at the time of training or game likewise for any over payment there will be reimbursement at the end of the season or taken off next season’s Fees. If players do not play a particular week on turf it still counts as their team has played. For players filling in a team they do not have to pay turf fees for the team they fill in for. And for Junior teams training on the Turf (eg U16Gs & Bs) money will be collected at the time they train.


Club Fees

ALL CLUB FEES ARE DUE BY the 30th May that year, and if not finished by the end of June.
A payment plan can be arranged, please contact Brett Gray 0438 852768 or Ross Salmon 0421 489 921

Anyone who hasn’t an arranged payment plan (preferably a direct debit plan) or hasn’t paid anything by the 1st June will not be able to play for the club.

Anyone playing last year (and paid their fees from last year) is entitled for a refund of a portion of their last years Turf Fees. They should contact Ross Salmon (0421 489921) before you pay this year’s Fees or wait until you are sent an invoice.

Details for paying KHC fees on-line
BSB: 728-728
Account Number: 22201033
Account Name: Kingscliff Hockey Club

Please ensure you put your name with all online payments.
Alternatively you can post a cheque to Kingscliff Hockey Club 69 Ash Drive, Banora Point. NSW 2486

Note: If you have outstanding fees from 2017 or an earlier year you will not be registered through Kingscliff Hockey and cannot play until all outstanding fees are paid

Please contact Brett Gray 0438 852768 or Ross Salmon 0421 489 921 if you have any questions or enquiries.