• Covid-19

    A shortened season has been under way for 4 weeks. Covid rules apply ie on entry to the Hockey Tweed complex all people other than players must sign in ie record
    - the time of arrival along with your estimated time of departure
    - your name and phone number along with your email address
    - answer questions related to who you are
    - answer questions on if you have been to any covid hotspots
    After playing your game on one of the turfs spray and wipe down the seats in the dug outs and leave by the gate on the other side of the turf.
    All teams are to supply a Tech Official to look after the score cards.
    Don't forget to santise your hands before you play. And spectators are to social distance.
    Thank you

  • Training for this Season

    The mantra for Training is:


    So parents are advised to watch from their cars

    A record of who is at training is to be kept ie a hard copy of who is there - an Attendance Register
    Small groups of no more than 10 (we are in NSW) with Physical distancing of > 1.5 m
    No physical contact ie hand shaking, high fives etc
    Do not share equipment
    Sanitiser stations will be supplied

    Communicate to all members that only the essential partipants should attend to minimise numbers.

  • R E G I S T R A T I O N for 2020

    Most players have registered with the Revolution site and so are right to play - just remember you have to register to play. The next item is to get your invoice for your fees and pay as soon as.

  • Kingscliff Hockey Club Meeting

    The next club meeting in August the date is not known yet.
    All Welcome.

  • Kingscliff Hockey Club’s Code of Conduct

    The Kingscliff Hockey Club’s Code of Conduct will be

    adhered to strictly this year so all players, coaches,

    managers and spectators please be aware of it.

    This club's Code of Conduct can be read in the above tool bar.

  • Working with Children

    Anyone Working with children has to have a Working with children Identification number or a Blue Card (Queensland based).
    A Working with Children Identification number can be obtained from the Motor Registry AFTER going on line to get an application number - go to Rules and Regulations in this Web Site.
    You will require an up to date birth cert or licence or passport or medicare card etc
    After you have received a WWC send in your details to the kingscliffhockey@gmail.com email address so they can be recorded.

  • Saturday Night Raffles at The Chinderah Tavern

    Restarting with restritions so look to Categories (on the home page) under Events and Fundraisers for information and the current Roster.

  • Thursday Raffles At The Cudgen Leagues Club.

    As the Leagues Club has had problems an exact date as to when these Raffles can return is not known.