• Kingscliff Hockey Club Annual General Meeting

    The Kingscliff Hockey Club held their Annual General Meeting last Sunday. This could have been better attended but those that did were a good representation of this club.The main objective of an Annual General Meeting is to elect Office Bearers for the following year in this case 2021. Hopefully a 'normal' season considering the shortened one this season. Executive positions filled for next year were done so mainly from writtern nominations that had been received. This means that the executive is mainly the same as last year without Ross Salmon who is not standing for Secretary after 20 years.
    The executive for 2021 is:-
    Donna Fay - President for 2021
    (ie has been in the position for the last 4 years so 2021 is the 5th)
    Greg Edwards - Vice President
    Carolynn Prichard - Secretary
    (she carried out most secretary work in 2020). Carolynn is assisted by 2 Assitant Secretaries Paula Stevens and Ross Salmon
    Tracy Bashford - Treasurer for 2020
    (filled the position in 2020 so re-applied).
    Other positions filled were for the Social Committee but members can be added in the future.
    The position of Junior coordinator and Liaison was not filled and so stood over - This position liaises with Junior teams to bring items to the monthly meetings and is a general go between for Junior Club teams.
    Patrons and Sponsors were elected as a block.
    A new position was proposed and filled by Tammy Hankinson being for Registrar.

    Coaches and Managers for teams next year was stood over except for a writtern nomination received from Ryan Campbell to coach an U13s team next year.
    At this meeting General Business was heard with discussions on Sponsorships, the inpending club 60th anniversary in 2022, club gear (get back to Ross Salmon). Also discussed was a proposed 'End of Season Celebration' to be held at the Cudgen Creek from 10 am (DST).

  • Kingscliff Hockey Club’s Code of Conduct

    The Kingscliff Hockey Club’s Code of Conduct will be

    adhered to strictly this year so all players, coaches,

    managers and spectators please be aware of it.

    This club's Code of Conduct can be read in the above tool bar.

  • Working with Children

    Anyone Working with children has to have a Working with children Identification number or a Blue Card (Queensland based).
    A Working with Children Identification number can be obtained from the Motor Registry AFTER going on line to get an application number - go to Rules and Regulations in this Web Site.
    You will require an up to date birth certificate or licence or passport or medicare card etc
    After you have received a WWC send in your details to the kingscliffhockey@gmail.com email address so they can be recorded.

  • Saturday Night Raffles at The Chinderah Tavern

    Restarting with restritions so look to Categories (on the home page) under Events and Fundraisers for information and the current Roster.

  • Grandfinals in 2020

    In the U16Girls Kingscliff Stingrays played Casuarina Aqua. In the season played Kingscliff finished 3rd while Casuarina Aqua were the Minor Premiers. The Grandfinal went to shoot outs ie they were drawn at full time with the Kingscliff team winning. Kingscliff Stingrays were crowned Major Premiers.
    In the U11's Kingscliff Pippies played Waratahs. Pippies were unbeaten during the season and so were Minor Premiers. Waratahs finished 2nd in the season. Unfortunately Pippies were beaten in the Grandfinal.
    In the Reserve Grade Men Kingscliff Gropers finished the year as Minor Premiers with Waratahs finishing 2nd during the season. Waratahs won the Grandfinal.
    In the major game of the day ie D1W Kingscliff Crabs finished the season as Minor Premiers with their opponents in the grandfinal, Casuarina, finishing 2nd in the season. Kingscliff Crabs won the game and were crowned Major premiers for 2020.

  • Thursday Raffles At The Cudgen Leagues Club.

    As the Leagues Club has had problems an exact date as to when these Raffles can return is not known.