• Sign On for 2021

    The Sign on days for the KIngscliff Hockey Club were very successful. Held in the Club's clubhouse that is to be shared with Cricket.

    For anyone who missed these days for registration follow the directions below.

    The Kingscliff Hockey Club Registration Portal for 2021 is open - go to Hockey Registration read more on the Right Hand Side of the home page.
    The Kingscliff Hockey Registration Portal can be found 2 lines down - only register through the Hockey Tweed portal if you are interested playing in the Super Sixes.

    Please remember to let the club know if you will be playing this year or please jump over to our registration section to register.
    Team nomination are due to the Hockey Tweed by Monday 22 Feb and with the numbers we have currently registered and advise we can’t put to many teams forward.

  • Training for 2021

    For JUNIORS the first training day is the first thursday in March (ie 4th) from 4 pm (DST). This day is really just to help organise teams and future training dates for teams.

    For SENIORS and any prospective player is welcome - its from 6.30 pm at Merv Edwards Oval.

  • Kingscliff Hockey Club Meeting

    The next Kingscliff Hockey Club monthly Meeting is on 11th March from 6.30 pm held at our clubhouse in between the Reg Dalton Oval and the Merv Edwards Oval.

  • Kingscliff Hockey Club’s Code of Conduct

    The Kingscliff Hockey Club’s Code of Conduct will be

    adhered to strictly this year so all players, coaches,

    managers and spectators please be aware of it.

    This club's Code of Conduct can be read in the above tool bar.

  • Thursday Raffles At The Cudgen Leagues Club.

    As the Leagues Club has had problems an exact date as to when these Raffles can return is not known.

  • Working with Children

    Anyone Working with children has to have a Working with children Identification number or a Blue Card (Queensland based).
    A Working with Children Identification number can be obtained from the Motor Registry AFTER going on line to get an application number - go to RULES AND REGULATIONS in this Web Site.
    You will require an up to date birth certificate or licence or passport or medicare card etc
    After you have received a WWC identification number send in your details to the kingscliffhockey@gmail.com email address so they can be recorded.