• Paying fees this year

    If you haven't contacted Brett Grey (0438 852768) or Ross Salmon (0421 489921) about a pay off plan, all fees are to be paid by the start of June. Anyone who hasn't organised a pay of plan after this time will not be eligible to play

  • Kingscliff Hockey Club’s Code of Conduct

    The Kingscliff Hockey Club’s Code of Conduct will be adhered to strictly this year and this code can be read in the Important Information Section.

  • Registration for 2018

    Anyone wanting to register this year should give me a phone call (Ross salmon 0421 489921) or if you are re-registering from last year go to Registration - Click on read more and access the Queensland registration portal from there.
    The Kingscliff Hockey Club has been accepted as a Provider ie the club will accept the NSW Active Kids Vouchers (See read more for details)
    Anyone unpaid from last year won't be registered until you have paid.

  • Kingscliff Hockey Club Monthly Meetings.

    The next meeting of the Kingscliff Hockey Club is a monthly meeting on Tuesday the 12th June, 2018. Held at the Cudgen Leagues Club from 6.00 pm

  • Active Kids Voucher

    Anyone who goes to school in NSW is eligible for an Active Kids Voucher. To apply for one parents need to google Active Kids Vouchers then follow the prompts.
    Sending me the details ie name, voucher number and date of birth so a complete invoice can be sent out to players.

  • Working with Kids

    Anyone Working with Kids has to have a Working with Kids Identification number which can be obtained from the Motor Registry - For details see Working With Kids under Rules and Regulations on this web site. Once you have been registered send me your name, registration number and Date of Birth
  • Saturday Night Raffles at The Chinderah Tavern

    Fundraising for Kingscliff Hockey Club.

    Come down to the Chinderah Tavern on Saturday evening to partake in our hockey raffle.

    Win a big meat tray from Kingscliff Meat Gallery and support the club.

    A new roster for the season will be done and this will include Junior and Senior teams.

    Raffles start about 6pm and are easy to carry out.

  • Thursday Raffles At The Cudgen Leagues Club.

    On Thursday’s at 6.00pm at the Cudgen Leagues Club the Kingscliff Hockey Club holds raffles.

    There are 21 meat trays raffled!

    Come along and support your club and if you’re lucky you might take home a meat tray.

    These raffles are held to help the Kingscliff Hockey Club financially and assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • More photos are needed

    If you have team photos put them on the Kingscliff Hockey Club Face Book site and I can use them here on this site.
    Any other information send to me and I can place it on the site (kingscliffhockey@gmail.com or 0421 489921)