• Kingscliff Hockey Club Meeting

    The Kingscliff Hockey Club monthly meeting will be on the 16th April at 6.30pm. A Representative from each team is required to attend.
    All members are welcome

    For anyone who has a position and it hasn't been ratified at a meeting - fill out the nomination form for a position. It can be found under Rules and Regulations (on the right hand side of this page).
    Anyone over 18 years and coming in contact with children eg coaching must have a Working with Children number. Having a WWC numbers is free for Volunteers. Read how to get a number under Rules and Regulation.

  • Paying Off Fees for the 2022 season

    A important message from the Treasurer is anyone playing for the 2022 season can start paying off fees from now eg $10/week or any smaller amount.
    Contact the Kingscliff Hockey Club Treasurer (Tracy Bashford) on 0405 506950 to help you set up a Direct Credit system.
    Once Registration and Turf Fees are set players will be invoiced.

  • Club’s 60th year Anniversary

    The date for the 60th YEAR ANNIVERSARY night has been set ie the 13th August starting at 6.30 pm. It is to be held at Twin Towns and they have elected to give this club the room and supply all associated expenses apart from catering. The Kingscliff Hockey club is to give notice of numbers and the type of dinning to be done.
    More can be read on the RHS of the home page

  • What is happening at Hockey Tweed

    1. Up to date information on FASCILITIES at Murwillumbah (impacted by floods). The toilets still need to be cleared by the Council to open for use, which will probably be this following week (by 9th April) . The Canteen on the lower floor will not be in use and a makeshift one will be upstairs in the kitchen. Both turfs should be in use by the 23rd April. Lights on T2 won’t be in use. The edges off the playing surface on T2 need to be repaired, which should be before the start of the season. Score boards will not be in use. Training will be on T1 for the year. Times for training will be put forward by ½ hour as 4 pm is too early for Juniors. Training will be at Reg Dalton for all (Juniors and Seniors) every 3rd week. Contact Nathan if training for a particular team will not be going ahead especially for Turf Training as it has to be cancelled and also for the continued access to lights. 2. THE START of HOCKEY will be on the weekend of the 22nd of April. That weekend Under 17Gs on Friday night and the rest of the Juniors and Seniors the next day. Far North Coast will start on the following week but what will happen for the HT Seniors for the first week is not known yet. If the Turfs can’t be used for the first week the out of town fields should be ready for use ie marked with goals (D1W might play the full competition with FNC as each association has only 3 teams in the D1W competition). 3. With the DELAYED START of the Hockey Tweed competition, to get 20 games in - some teams may have Sunday games. 4. GRADING ie in the Seniors 9 players per team are graded so those graded can’t play for the other team in that grade (if the club has more than one team in a grade). Note graded players can play in teams in the next higher grade but cannot play in the lower grade teams. This is the case for Juniors teams ie 9 to be graded if more than one team plays for that club in that age group. 5. All new players this year will have access to a new UNIFORM ie singlet, dress shirt, playing shirt. A price of $50 will be charged either as a direct payment or along with Registration and Turf Fees. This clubs 60-year Anniversary Polo shirts will be available with indigenous artwork (via Marnie Tuala) done. Sizes for Polos will go of team shirt sizes Social members, and Parents will be able to buy the polos. Note: The U14s have 2 teams which will need 2 different coloured shirts and as its now U14s from U13s shirt sizes may have to be bigger. There are some Hoodies left of various sizes, contact Nathan for any left. 6. As the numbers in teams dictate Turf fees to be charged – FEES have not been finalized yet. When they are invoices will be sent out to players.
  • Registration for 2022

    The Registration portal is open, go to Registrations read more - on the right side of the home page. On the page coming up after you click on read more the registration portal can be found. Following the prompts will lead you to registration.
    Age groups for this year
    Training times and places have been set.
    For ALL players register before you begin training as this ensures personal insurance.
    Please note: That every 3rd week ALL Junior and Senior teams will train in Kingscliff together. This is a new club initiative to create more interaction and less segregation across its members. Its coincides nicely with our Junior and Senior preseason BBQs on the 23rd March to be provided free by the club.

  • Kingscliff Hockey Club’s Code of Conduct

    The Kingscliff Hockey Club’s Code of Conduct will be

    adhered to strictly this year so all players, coaches,

    managers and spectators please be aware of it.

    This club's Code of Conduct can be read in the above tool bar.

  • Working with Children

    Anyone Working with children (coaches, Managers or umpires) has to have a Working with children Identification number or a Blue Card (Queensland based).
    A Working with Children Identification number can be obtained from the Motor Registry AFTER going on line to get an application number - go to RULES AND REGULATIONS in this Web Site.
    You will require an up to date birth certificate or licence or passport or medicare card etc
    After you have received a WWC identification number send in your details to the kingscliffhockey@gmail.com email address so they can be recorded.

  • Raffles at Chinderah Tavern

    Team rosters are out - teams will be notified when they are scheduled. Senior teams will probably have 1+ with juniors having 1.
    Any questions ring coaches.

  • MusterDay for past photos

    This Sunday (29th May) from 9.00 am at the Kingscliff Clubhouse next to Reg Dalton Oval we will be collecting and recording images from the past years of Kingscliff Hockey. Pictures will be scanned and thus recorded on a USB to be on a projector at the 60th Anniversary night